the capital is home to some of the world’s most creative photographers, and if you want to capture the essence of berlin’s dynamic culture, renting a photo studio in berlin is the perfect solution. whether you’re planning a fashion shoot or a commercial photo shoot, ikonic studio in berlin can help you capture striking images.

even if renting a photo studio in berlin seems like a simple task, it is inevitable that the whole project will be for nothing if the wrong studio is chosen.

rent Photostudio loft with furniture and Props 

when renting a photo studio, prices are of course the main consideration. however, the rent of the photo studio should not be the only criterion for the service you want to receive. when renting a photo studio, you should pay attention to how satisfied its customers are, what technical equipment it has, how professional its team is and that it is a competent company that offers solutions to your problems. since the prices for renting a photo studio vary depending on the capacity of the service, you are welcome to contact us to get a price that suits your shooting concept and plan. however, remember that the quality of the service should be the primary consideration, not the price of the photo studio.

Ikonic Fotostudio mieten Berlin
310m² Loft Eventlocation mit moderner Küche 



we offer hourly, daily and weekly photo studio rental solutions for companies looking to create photos in all photography industries, from fashion shoots to e-commerce photography, and from catalog shoots to product photography. anyone looking to promote their products and services, impress their target audience, develop studio shooting techniques, create brand identity and prepare promotional materials is welcome to our studio!


  • 2 studios of 230 m2 and 80 m2 each
  • 2 make-up tables with hollywood lights
  • fully equipped kitchen & bar
  • w-lan connection with 250 mbit down and 40 mbit up
  • lighting from both north and south
  • high quality concrete floor in grey
  • ceiling height of 3,8 meters
  • freight elevator

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the studios of ikonic are two lofts, each with generous living and working space, in an old factory building in berlin-neukölln. the two studios are located on the second and third floor, respectively, and can be reached directly via an elevator. the very different photo studios are designed as a craftspace and offer many possibilities for productions. the open floor plan of the studio is ideal for product and portrait photography. thanks to the large windows facing north and south, you have beautiful light for great photos almost all day long. the calming décor with lots of plants and motifs make the location ideal as a photo studio for rent in berlin. for larger productions, the entire studio can be completely darkened with curtains. the lighting is adjustable and the environment is clean and fresh. the perfect location for your next film production.

both floors have their own special charm. they also have a fully equipped kitchen and are an excellent location for food productions as well as events and still-live productions. the third floor in particular proves to be exceptional. with a tattoo studio and custom motorcycle workshop, ikonic studios offers the perfect location for unique events. the 3rd floor loft is versatile. it can be used for a variety of events, including weddings and other occasions. it is also an ideal location for music and video events. 

the ikonic photo studio and event location berlin is available for private events, including weddings, anniversaries and other special occasions. we look forward to your visit.