our goal is to provide you with perfectly equipped studios with first-class service for all types of professional photo and video productions and events.

Unfortunately, we are also affected by the current global crisis and are confronted with various increasing costs.

over the past year we have made improvements and upgrades to our facilities in our studios to create a more comfortable production environment. We’ve done our best to ensure fees remain affordable, but we’re now at the point where we have no choice and added a fee for energy costs.

We did not take this decision lightly, but it is necessary in order for us to maintain the high quality service on which we have built our brand. we ask for your understanding.

Ikonic Studios. team



editorial prices -20%

full studio – 310sqm

12001600€/10hdepending on number of people on set

750-1250€ / 5h – depending on number of people on set

additional social media video content

+300 € / 10h

+200 € / 5h

energy costs

90€ +


140€ +

including studio Props.


editorial prices -20%

studio as motif with all interior.

full studio – 310sqm

1700-2500€/10h + depending on number of people on set

1000-1700€/5h + depending on number of people on set

energy costs

90€ +


140€ +

+ €150 handling fee for the logistics with the freight elevator of equipment when setting up and dismantling.

electricity flat rate + 90€ / production day for video productions with heavy light equipment.  (HMI & Tungsten)+ 


full studio – 310m²

1700-2500€/10hdepending on number of people on set

1000-1500€/5hdepending on number of people on set

energy costs

90€ +


140€ +

We offer Full-service support for your Livestream.

studio as motif with all interior. Or set-design on request


full studio – 300m²

for photoproduktione 

1200-1900€/10h depending on number of people on set


for filmproductions

1700-2500€/10h  depending on number of people on set

energy costs

90€ +


140€ +

All  Craftspace furniture is part of the motif

IKONIC BIKES props on request

full studio – 300m²

inklusive studioküche und küchen austattung.

2. oder 3.stock

 for photoproductions

ab 1900-2400€/10h depending on number of people on set


for film productions

1700-2500€/10h depending on number of people on set

energy costs

120€ +


180€ +

large studio kitchen or cooking island with induction field and (smeg) oven. fridge and freezer
divrese kitchen utensils, pots, pans, knives, kitchenaid, blender, food processor, hand mixer

komplettes studio – 300m²

only between 9.00-19.00 



addditional services and equipment on demand

Meetings + Worshops

ab 1900-2500€/10h depending on number of people on set





90€ +


140€ +

With the meeting package we offer you a complete package including beamer/screen/pa system/ 20 chairs/ 2 large standing tables for working and a catering package with lunch and coffee break for approx. 55 €/p.p

only b2b

complete studio – 300m²

including studio interior.

addditional services and equipment on demand

event times by arrangement


from 3500€  – up to 150 pax standing or 100 pax seated

energy costs

180€ +


250€ +

We offer events as a full service, i.e. with staff and in collaboration with our different catering partners. We definitely find something that fits your taste and budget. if not possible at all we charge a buyout depending on the scope and the number of people.

Filmproductions on request

please do not make private inquiries – we only rent b2b

Included in your booking

  • 2 Hintergrundwände

  • 230-310m² Studio with a separate room for Styling /make-up or production

  • Jiffy steamer
  • 2 Clothing racks and hangers

  • 2 Make-up seats with  Hollywood lights

  • Filter coffee and tee
  • Styrofoam boards and stand


2. floor
full photo studio – 310m²
photo studio 1 – 230m²

photo studio 2 – 80m² is only suitable for very small photo productions.

2 make-up tables with hollywood lights
studio kitchen / bar
light gray concrete floor

2 background walls 2.10mx 2.50
various backdrops – colors on request
mobile background system up to 3m
studio: background suspension for changeable backgrounds, no groove
pink velvet sofa, plants, various furniture on reques

3. floor
craftspace – 300sqm
kitchen / bar with portafilter coffee machine
tattoo Studio
motorcycle workshop
concrete floor sealed

Couch lounge chair
large dining table
various motorcycles
various plants
Beamer / screen


Freight elevator directly to the studios l: 2.4m x w: 1.6m x h: 2.5m
Current in the photo studio 16A + 32A
Electricity in the Craftspace 16A
Telekom Internet 100 mbit down / max 50 mbit up
North and South exposure
Ceiling height 3.8m


Drinks 14,80 € / p.P (soft, water, coffee, tea)
from 26,80€/p.p Drinks with alk (beer , wine, bubbles, longdrinks/cocktails – to be discussed

from 22€ / p.p Breakfast
from 25€ / p.p Lunch package
from 60 / p.p All day

We are a full-service location and generally offer
events with our own catering and our partners. Exceptions only by arrangement and with Buyout.


we pay attention to quality and sustainability and we support small local businesses.


+ 10% of the daily rent for overtime
+ 50% weekend, holiday surcharge

+ 50% holiday surcharge

+ 30% on Studio rent and staff night surcharge between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

140€ + cleaning

90€/day electricity charge for Video-,or Film productions 

Event photographers / Videographers
Live streaming service or Broadcasts
Set design – on request
technical equipment – on request
Interior for sets – on request

Regular studio hours 9.00-19.00

All prices plus VAT.

here you can find our studio FAQ and our Terms|Conditions