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Live stream productioN

At our live stream production company, we specialize in delivering high-quality streaming experiences for all kinds of events. Whether you’re hosting a hybrid event with both physical and digital components, or just hold a full digital event, we have the location and expertise to make it possible. We produce content such as social media posts, marketing campaigns, virtual concerts, and workshops. Working with our expansive network of expert partners and friends who share our philosophy of creating lasting impactful content without sacrificing quality, your target audience will be reached effectively. Look no further when it comes to streaming your workshop or event – let us help you multiply your reach!

Content & Live stream production

We are happy to make you an offer weather it`s a live stream or your social media campaign

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live stream produktion
live stream produktion
Live streaming Produktion
live stream produktion

Additional Services



For each project, we put together national and international creative teams that are tailored to individual needs and budgets. We are also happy to assist our clients in other art buying matters.


With a lot of experience, a feeling for trends and heaps of passion, we are here to support you and your vision. Together we will find ways how you can optimally use the potential of your brand. We can create or round off a concept for you. We will help you choose a suitable creative team and brief them to your wishes.

We make estimates and schedules to make sure everyone meets your deadlines. We help with the request, review and subsequent negotiation of all offers.


We have clients in all areas from fashion, lifestyle and beauty, to hotels and restaurants, to corporate and tech companies.


Whether in a studio or “on location”. Whether online, mobile, print or packaging: Ikonic Productions produces photos for all use cases and distribution channels. We accompany projects from small to large, from the briefing to the final result. We treat each of our projects with the individuality it deserves and are proud to always achieve the best possible result for all budgets.


From a product to an online image film to a big TV campaign. We are the right partner for you, from the conceptual design to the actual filming, post-production and completion. We are team players and also support you in individual production phases or are happy to take over only parts of larger projects, such as editing or conception.


We have location scouts with whom we can find the perfect location for your production worldwide. To ensure a smooth production process, we take care of all the necessary permits.


We offer a wide variety of set design services. We not only support productions with suitable props, we can also create your dream set from scratch – as complex or simple as that may be!


We work with international model agencies and people agencies to find models / people who fit the image of your brand. Our team takes care of the casting, bookings, budget negotiations, hotel and transport – and ensures that the models feel comfortable on set.


The styling transforms individual products into cohesive looks that fit your brand. We work with countless stylists to find the best match for your project. We have the perfect stylists for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, corporate or still life projects.


We have a database of makeup artists to make sure the models look perfect from the first shot to the last.


We organise the entire logistics and make sure that the necessary preparations are made. These include:

Travel arrangements
Safety on set


We organise your event! Benefit from our experience in event planning:

Product launches
Company celebrations
Incentive events
Fashion events

We offer the solution for your events. We take care of the entire organisation – finding the right place, invitations, transfers, accommodation, talents, event documentation, such as Making of videos, catering and much more.


We have strategic partners with whom we can bring your brand together with, influencers or television personalities.