Numero x Dior Editorial


The Ikonic Studio is not an ordinary photo studio, but an extraordinary venue offering versatile sets for your productions. Our 310 sqm loft in Berlin-Neukölln is a location for photographers, content creators, and film makers.

Our rental studio is a location with many different sets in one place. With ample natural light through large windows that can be blacked out with moltons, a bar, show kitchen, and tattoo studio, the studio offers an ex ceptional mix of motifs. We are not a classic photo studio. Each element lends a distinctive character to your productions. For film projects, the ability to darken the studio ensures optimal lighting conditions. The Ikonic Studio is a place for creative ideas.

Whether an experienced professional or an emerging artist, our studio provides the setting where your visions take shape.

The result of an editorial photo production in collaboration with DIOR for Numero Berlin, produced at Ikonic Studio. Under the discerning art direction of @matheazara, this production seamlessly intertwines DIOR‘s distinctive style with Numero Berlin‘s visionary essence. Through @matiasalfonzo_‘s talented lens, each photo captures the essence of DIOR‘s collections with unpa ralleled sophistication. @fabiopace_‘s meticulous styling elevates the ensembles to new heights of elegance and allure. @frederikfialin‘s set design provides a captivating backdrop, underscoring DIOR‘s philosophy. Models @thomas____castillo and @ayman.salahh embody the quintessence of grace and refinement, per fectly reflecting DIOR‘s zeitgeist. @mariaehrlichmakeup@wearecollectiveinterest‘s makeup enhances their natural beauty.

With meticulous attention to detail, every aspect of this photo production was executed flawlessly. This production bears witness to DIOR‘s timeless elegance, creative innovation, and Numero Berlin‘s storytel ling prowess.


@matheazara – art direction for the @dior x @numeroberlin editorial. Photos: @matiasalfonzo_. Styling: @fabiopace_. Set design: @frederikfialin. Models: @thomas____castillo at @letitgomgmt and @ayman.salahh at @modelwerk. HM: @mariaehrlichmakeup @wearecollectiveinterest. Casting: @whitecasting. Photo assistant: @johannakrsch. Styling assistant: @nakepham.


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