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Ikonic Studio is a remarkable 310 m² loft located in a charming old factory building in Neukölln. Designed to foster creativity and innovation, our versatile space is ideal for various productions, including pop-up events, workshops, product launches, and album releases.

Accessible via a spacious freight elevator on the 3rd floor, our studio features expansive north-south-facing windows that flood the space with natural light. The option to dim lighting using Molton curtains ensures optimal conditions for your event.

With unique elements like a bar, show kitchen cozy couch, and even a tattoo studio, our studio exudes distinctive charm, providing an unparalleled backdrop for your event or production. From film shoots to food productions, our fully equipped kitchen and flexible layout cater to diverse creative endeavors.

This distinguished rental studio serves as a versatile canvas, thoughtfully curated to elevate the visual narrative of your projects. Accessible via a spacious freight elevator, the loft offers unprecedented flexibility, accommodating different setups and configurations. Its expansive windows, oriented north-south, allow for abundant natural light, complemented by Molton curtains that afford meticulous control over the ambient atmosphere.

What distinguishes Ikonic Studio is its unique array of features, transcending the conventional definition of a rental studio. The studio encompasses a bar, show kitchen, comfortable seating area, a huge dining table, a beautiful couch, and even a tattoo studio, imparting distinctive character to your productions. For film endeavors, the option to obscure the entire loft with curtains ensures control over lighting dynamics, presenting an optimal backdrop for cinematic visions.

The fully equipped kitchen stands not only as a visual spectacle but as a functional asset for any food-related projects, boasting a large Smeg stove with an induction cooktop and a 90 cm oven. From themed photo sessions to commercial shoots, Ikonic Studio adapts seamlessly to your specifications, promising a seamless and enriching experience for each project.

Ikonic Studio transcends the mere notion of a rental studio; it is a bastion of creative expression. Whether one is an established professional or an emerging artist, this studio provides an immersive environment where visions flourish. Elevate your photo and video productions to unparalleled standards at Ikonic Studio.


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