Ikonic Studio is not your ordinary photo studio; it is a distinctive venue offering a variety of photo and video sets for your production needs. Located in Berlin Neukölln, our expansive 310 sqm loft is meticulously designed to cater to photographers, content creators, and filmmakers.

Our versatile rental studio serves as a dynamic canvas, carefully curated to enhance the visual storytelling of your projects. Accessible via a spacious freight elevator, the loft offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating various setups and configurations. North-south oriented windows flood the space with natural light, complemented by Molton curtains for precise atmosphere control.

What sets Ikonic Studio apart is its unique array of features, going beyond the typical rental studio. From a bar and show kitchen to comfortable seating, a large dining table, and even a tattoo studio, each element adds distinctive character to your productions. For film projects, the option to darken the loft ensures control over lighting dynamics, providing an optimal cinematic backdrop

The fully equipped kitchen, boasting a large Smeg stove and induction cooktop, serves both as a visual spectacle and functional asset for food-related projects. Whether it is themed photo sessions or commercial shoots, Ikonic Studio seamlessly adapts to your needs, promising a seamless and enriching experience for every project.

Ikonic Studio is not just a rental studio; it is a haven of creative expression. Whether you are a seasoned professional or emerging artist, our studio offers an immersive environment where visions come to life. Elevate your photo and video productions to unparalleled standards at Ikonic Studio.


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