Ikonic Tastings


Experience a unique corporate event at the Ikonic Studio - an exclusive tasting event. In thestylish atmosphe re, you and your guests can savor exquisite wines, finest spirits, or aromatic coffee varieties. Our sommelier team will guide you through the world of aromas and flavors. An unforgettable experience for connoisseurs, ideal for team building or client events.

After a successful meeting at the Ikonic Studio, you can elevate your corporate event to the next level with a wine, whiskey, or mezcal tasting. Relax amidst the chic ambiance and enjoy the finest selection, presented by experienced sommeliers. An unforgettable sensory journey that fosters camaraderie and rewards your team for their hard work.


Venue for 5 hours
Sound system
Ambient lighting


Optional services available for an additional charge include DJ services (500€ for 4 hours), live tattooing (250€ per hour), event photography starting from 250€ per hour, live music, and tasting experiences, all upon request.
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