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Event Location und Fotostudio

Explore the Versatility at Ikonic Studio – Your Premier Event Location in Berlin

Creative Fusion of Creativity and Functionality At Ikonic Studio, creativity and functionality blend into a unique symbiosis. Discover a perfect balance for your events, photo shoots, workshops, or team meetings.

The 310 sqm Loft as the Ideal Setting No matter what event you’re planning – our spacious 310 square meter loft in the heart of Berlin provides the perfect backdrop for your endeavors. Experience flexibility and space in an urban-industrial environment. Immerse Yourself in Urban-Industrial Atmosphere

Dive into the fascinating urban-industrial atmosphere of Ikonic Studio. Every space becomes a canvas for your ideas, making your event an unforgettable experience.

Unique Ambiance – Your Versatile Event Location

Ikonic Studio presents itself as a place where creativity meets functionality. Be a part of this fusion and experience an event location in Berlin that exceeds your expectations.

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Ikonic Craftspace Grundriss

Rent studio Facts

2 Rent studios – 310 qm each
Telekom Wifi 250mbit – down / up to 50 mbit – up
Hifi system 
Studio PA – 2 x 1400 Watts / Evox 8
Studio – Kitchen / Bar
Tattoo studio – in the Craftspace
Caferacer workshop – in the Craftspace
Open kitchen / Bar – in the Craftspace
Evintage coffee machine – in the Craftspace
Workshop Package with HD Beamer / Screen 2,5m / Micro
2 Toilets / Shower
Daylight / South- and north-light
Ceiling height 3.8m
Freign elevator L: 2,4 x B: 1,6 x H: 2,5 m

Event partners

Taube grau – catering
Brot & Zeit – catering
Vin Aqua Vin – Wein
Motif Wein – Wein
Sironi – brot
la Maison – brot
Studio Linné – flower
Flores y amores – set design

Eventlocation und Mietstudio als Filmset
eventlocation mieten
Event Location
Event Location with loads of plants
Craftspace kitchen in our Event Location
supperclub in our event Location with DJ playing
Event Location with Custom motorcycle workshop from Ikonic Bikes
Das Tattoostudio in unserer Eventlocation